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Power Packer Switch Cab Tilt System

Short Description:

Consistent productivity gains
Superior cost performance
Driving the optimal global footprint

Product Detail


Product switch C (mm) Full stroke 5
Image CNHTC-Sub-Parts-HDT-Cab-Tilt-System-Coupler-(Customer-No D (mm) HEX22
Customer No. WG9925820032 E Connect Connect Relay
AMP Housing: 174879-2
AMP Holder: 174880-7
AMP Terminal cap: 174880-7
AMP Terminal: 171661-1
Customer CNHTC F connect Connect Power
AMP Housing: 174879-2
AMP Holder: 174880-7
AMP Terminal cap: 174880-7
AMP Terminal: 171661-1
Size (mm) A 420mm Weight 0.118+/-10%kg
B (mm) Installation width 4~8 Others feature match CPE2-083012

Technology / Innovations – E-Pump Switch

Advantages of pull switch

1) The operator could stand 4 meters away from the front of the truck, much safer, which avoid accidental injury to the operator during the cab tilt.
2) Humanized operation will not feel fingers tired after long-hour working.
3) Better protection, a little water will not affect the switch performance.
4) Better visualization, light up when the switch is turned on, thus operator know the reversing system is running.


Sub Parts
Customer Power-Packer No. Customer No. Truck type
CNHTC CC140903-900 WG9925820032 HOWO
CC141021-900 WG9719820032 HOWO
C170840-900 WG9X25820030 HOWO
C130210-900 811W41723-6030 SITRAK
C130218-900 811W41723-6032 SITRAK
C130209-900 811W41723-6031 SITRAK
CC180726-900 CC180726-900 SITRAK
C170834-900 WG9525820143 HAOHAN
CC110615-900 WG9525820064 HAOHAN
C151214-900 AZ9525820064 HAOHAN
TATA C111119-900 C111119-900 Prima
C111118-900 C111118-900 Prima
C111117-900 C111117-900 Prima
C111121-900 C111121-900 Prima
C111120-900 C111120-900 Prima



Power-Packer’s headquarters are in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands where the Product Strategy is located, which includes the Global Sales, Engineering and Marketing departments in addition to that Operations and Logistics.

Working for world markets means being able to operate efficiently as a business partner worldwide – that’s why we have a global footprint of manufacturing facilities across Europe, Asia, North and South America.


Power-Packer’s products are custom specific solutions. Therefore, it is very important that the design of each product suits the customer, and has doubtless performance. The main objective of our engineers and production engineers is to design products and production processes in accordance with our customers specifications and our own high standards. Our engineering department consists of specialists who design and innovate hydraulic and electro-hydraulic actuation systems according to customer requirements. The design process is carefully planned and well structured, using common design tools like:

– Function Analysis
– Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
– Design for Assembly

Electronic CAD Data interchange, as well as the possibility of resident engineering, enable intensive and fast communication with our customers. Products are designed in concurrence with their specific production process, which means an optimization of production flow, manufacturing effort and stock usage. At the end, Power-Packer’s products will be well functioning components for reliable end products that are offered by our customers.

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