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Hospital furniture zero-maintenance design stretcher actuator self-contained hydraulic actuator

Short Description:

• The Stretcher Actuator is a reliable self-contained hydraulic actuator for use in stretchers and patient trolleys. The pump, cylinder, guidance, valves and reservoir are combined into one compact, maintenance-free unit.

• The Stretcher Actuator with its integrated guidance can handle high side loads. Therefore, no additional actuation or support mechanism is needed in the design of the stretcher and patient trolley. This results in lower manufacturing costs. The Stretcher Actuator is easy to install and is built for long life.

Product Detail

Get carried away by our performance

We offer a complete range of manual-hydraulic and electro-hydraulic actuators for applications involving precise motion in clean environments. Advanced solutions for height adjustment, backrest adjustment, trendelenburg / anti- trendelenburg and more. For 50 years, our actuators for medical applications have proven their quality in medical furniture of the world’s leading manufacturers. That makes Power-Packer an industry leader in compact but powerful motion control solutions.

Patient comfort and safety are critical during transport. And medical personnel rely upon equipment that performs flawlessly every time. Power Packer’s Stretcher Actuator is always on call and ready to perform. This reliable, self-contained hydraulic actuator is specifically designed for use in stretchers and trolleys, and features built-in guidance to handle high-side loads. This means that no additional actuation or support mechanism is needed in the stretcher or gurney’s design, which can lower your overall manufacturing costs. To provide optimal functionality, the pump, cylinder, valves and reservoir are combined into one compact, maintenance-free unit. Power-Packer’s Stretcher Actuator is easy to install and built for longest life.


Stretcher Actuator Feature

Zero-maintenance design

Quiet, smooth operation

Enhanced performance and operator comfort

Fast, regulated descent time

Reduces overall equipment maintenance and cost-of-ownership for end-users

Requires no external source of power


Stretcher Actuator Specifications

Stroke lengths: 235 mm (9.3") 330 mm (13.0")
Closed length between mounting points: 285 mm (11.2") 349 mm (13.7")
Maximum dynamic push force: 4.5 kN (1,000 lbs.) 4.5 kN (1,000 lbs.)
Maximum static load: 8 kN (1,798 lbs.) 8 kN (1,798 lbs.)
Maximum pump strokes till extended length: 14 20
Maximum static torque on plunger: 290 Nm (214 ft.-lbs.) 290 Nm (214 ft.-lbs.)
Descent time: 3-6 sec 4-8 sec
Single acting cylinder    
Descent control: flow control valve    
Pressure relief valve: installed  

Stretcher Actuator Applications






Why choose Power-Packer

Best-in-class practices ​

Care for safety, optimal operator and patient comfort​

High standards of quality IATF 16949

Reliable performance in clean environments​

International manufacturing footprint​

Design and engineering expertise​


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