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SHACMAN Low Weight Hand Pump Truck Cab Tilt System

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Heavy Duty Tractor
Heavy Duty Truck
Heavy Duty Dump
Heavy Duty Vocational

Product Detail

Power Packer Hand Pump Feature

Preferred business partner of cab tilt systems that delivers 100% guaranteed fitted and OEM qualified products.

Latest OEM revision assuring to safety and comfort according to OEM specification.

Top quality according to OEM requirements.

Excellent services to offer the best package.


No. 1 K (mm) 47
Product hand pump L (mm) 9
Image 1 M (mm) 23.5
Brand power-packer N (mm) 20
Customer No. DZ97259820153 P (mm) -
Customer SHACMAN Q (mm) M12x1.5
Volume (mL) 500 R (mm) M12x1.5
Size A*B*C (mm) 155*177*104 S (mm) M12x1.5
Pump beam (D-E) FORGE 40-ф22.4 T (mm) M14x1.5
F (Commutation angle) 145˚±3˚ U (Fill plug) HEX 24
G (Handle length) 65mm W (Installation width) M10X1.5 DEEP 11
H (Spool Nose Length) 24mm Weight (kg) 2.5±10%
J (Installation width) 75mm Others feature Electric system-left hand pump

SHACMAN X300 Heavy Duty Tractor


Low weight hand pump


A: Aluminum body / Plastic oil reservoir

Low weight hand pump(left)

Traditional hand pump(right)




B: Aluminum body / Aluminum oil reservoir


Hand Pump
Customer Power-Packer No. Customer No. Truck type
CNHTC DHP2-106462 WG9719820001 HOWO
DHP2-113165 WG9925822002 HOWO
DHP2-122678 WG9925823012 HOWO
DHP2-107347 WG9719826001 HOWO
CHP2-130404 WG9925823021 HOWO
DHP2-122534 WG9925823022 HOWO
DHP2-113791 WG9925823002 HOWO
CHP2-053006 WG9719820030 HOWO
CHP2-190320 WG9925829030 HOWO
DHP2-113573 WG9925824002 HOWO
DHP2-110392 WG9725821001 HOWO
CHP2-053007 WG9719820040 HOWO
CHP2-130413 WG9925823011 HOWO
DHP2-113792 WG9925825002 HOWO
CHP2-190120 WG9925823019 HOWO
CHP2-121207 811W41723-6004 SITRAK
CHP2-130240 811W41723-6008 SITRAK
CHP2-106465 WG9525820010 HAOHAN
CHP2-130130 WG9525820019 HAOHAN
CHP2-170820 WG9525820142 HAOHAN
CHP2-170830 WG9525820141 HAOHAN
CHP2-151215 AZ9525820019 HAOHAN
CHP2-151212 AZ9525820010 HAOHAN
SHACMAN CHP2-130509 DZ97259820127 X3000
CHP2-161201 DZ97259820153 X3000
CHP2-130506 DZ97259820125 X3000
CHP2-130576 DZ97259820141 X3000
FAW DHP2-107019 5002070AA01-C00/F FAW-J6P/M
CHP2-170920 5002070-82T-C00/A J6P
HYUNDAI DHP2-122197 643907P000 Xcient
KHP2-111653/1 643907L200 Xcient
CHP2-130101 643907U000 Xcient
KHP2-107125/3 643907M000 Xcient
DHP2-111653/1 643907M002 Xcient
CHP2-122215 643907P001 Xcient
KHP6002-21-74/3 643907A012 Xcient
KHP6002-21-73/2 643907A001 Xcient
CHP2-130102 643907U010 Xcient
CHP2-181001 643907X000 Xcient
VOLVO DHP2-122758 952929Z00A / 21541450  Quester (P9103)
CHP2-122040 23235341/23510724  Quester (P9103)
CHP2-122050 23235340/23510697  Quester (P9103)
DHP2-122749 951759Z00A / 21460786  Quester (P9103)
UD TRUCKS DHP2-122758 952929Z00A / 21541450  Quester (P9103)
CHP2-122040 23235341/23510724  Quester (P9103)
CHP2-122050 23235340/23510697  Quester (P9103)
DHP2-122749 951759Z00A / 21460786  Quester (P9103)
TATA KHP6002-21-81/10 3487301040 Prima
KHP6002-21-81/13 3487301450 Prima
KHP6002-21-80/11 3487301050 Prima
KHP6002-21-79/3 3487300351 Prima


Our Solutions

Global trusted advisor of innovative, high quality integrated motion control systems for trucks, trailers and buses

Multiple applications
Cab tilt actuation ■ Hood lift actuation ■ Steering system ■ Stabilization systems ■ Roof lifters

Complete product portfolio
Cylinders ■ Hoses ■ Quick connectors ■ Integrated solutions ■ Hand pumps ■ Electric pumps ■ Master-follower cylinder systems ■ Stabilization legs ■ Bottle jacks ■ Latches and locking mechanisms with YVEL


Product Service And Advantages

Competitive Advantages

Proven Knowledge: 50 years of experience

Broad Abilities: deep engineering capabilities

Field Proven: 1000’s designs integrated in blue chip OEMs

Long Term Relationships: trusted partner

Collaborative: From concept through production

Continuous Improvement: Identify opportunities, plan improvements and execute on changes

Patents: over 150+ patens registered Quick connectors

Scalable and Flexible: expertise to meet customers’ demands

Global Manufacturing Footprint: worldwide presence

Operational Excellence: Lean Operations

High Standards of Quality: Quality certifications, low ppm’s

A world Class Track record: 100% on time, on specification

Value: Best Value for customer

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