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Power Packer Latch Heavy Duty Truck

Short Description:

5222872983 / 22872983
Hydraulic Electrical
Reliable and safe
Superb quality
90 years of experience
Mechanical locks, hydraulic locks and latches

Product Detail


Product Latch D (mm)Striker pin ф20+/-0.2
Image VOLVO-Latches-Commercial-Vehicle-Cab-Tilt-System-Aftermarket-Parts-(Customer-No E 42.5
Customer No. 5222872983 / 22872983 G M14x1.5
Pulling speed 100mm/min I 50
Resistance 480 daN mini F (Switch) Normally closed
Connector: 282080-1
Receptacle Contact: 282110-1
Wire seal Number: 281934-2
Size (mm)A*B*C 127*103*46 Weight 1.299+/-10%kg
latches (2)
latches (3)
latches (4)
latches (1)


Customer Power-Packer No. Customer No. Truck type
FAW 558.04 5004060-A01-C00/F FAW-J6P/M
VOLVO V06.1100E 5222872983 / 22872983  Quester (P9103)
V06.1100 973439Z00A / 21501401  Quester (P9103)
UD TRUCKS V06.1100E 5222872983 / 22872983  Quester (P9103)
V06.1100 973439Z00A / 21501401  Quester (P9103)
TATA V18.000G 3487502570 Prima
V18.010D 3487502590 Prima
V18.020D 3487502600 Prima
V18.000D 3487502580 Prima


YVEL: 90 years of experience in latches

Together with our sister company, Yvel, we can provide you with a full range of locks, strikers, cremone systems, conical and bolt locks, handles, hinges, and other locking mechanisms.

Along with offering a standard product line, we can customize a locking system to your exact specifications that easily integrates into your vehicle design.


Power-Packer Logistics is executed according to the lean-principles, which ensures maximum added value for our customers. Together with our logistic partners, we develop logistic structures which are flexible and tailored to individual customer requirements. These allow maximum alignment and agility in the total end-to-end supply chain.

Best practices from the automotive domain are applied in all logistic processes, continuously optimizing the lean supply chain, whilst maintaining resilience. Global presence, up-to-date IT-communication, detailed transport analysis and packaging management do not only provide a low cost basis but support green operations.


The main objective of our production departments is to enable the timely delivery of our products while maintaining high quality, high flexibility and minimizing costs.

The continuous improvement of our production system is amongst others achieved by implementing modern techniques like Kaizen, In Process control (Poka Yoke) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness. The development of production lines and shop floor logistics are concurrent with our product development.

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