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Power Packer China Truck Cab-tilt QC-Coupler

Short Description:

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Product Detail

QC-Coupler Technology Function



Limited hand wrench fitting space, hard to fix assembly. Hose joints may have insufficient torque, which may lead to potential leaks. Wrong installation of hose.


Power-Packer QC-Coupler technology, all issues above could be solved.

QC-Coupler features

Power-Packer QC-Coupler is developed for high-pressure hydraulic connections (International patent No. WO2006121325A1, domestic extension patent No. CN201610989222)

Gently push in for quick assembly, without large assembly space.
No need to control the tightening torque of the hose.
Error-proof function, wrong installation cannot be inserted.
Reduce the risk of oil leakage at the joint and improve the quality.

QC-Coupler specification & assembly diagram

General specification

Maximum working pressure 400 Bar
Temperature range -40⁰ C to 80⁰ C
Matching hoses are fixed with clips or tie belts


Sub Parts
Customer Power-Packer No. Customer No. Truck type
CNHTC CC140903-900 WG9925820032 HOWO
CC141021-900 WG9719820032 HOWO
C170840-900 WG9X25820030 HOWO
C130210-900 811W41723-6030 SITRAK
C130218-900 811W41723-6032 SITRAK
C130209-900 811W41723-6031 SITRAK
CC180726-900 CC180726-900 SITRAK
C170834-900 WG9525820143 HAOHAN
CC110615-900 WG9525820064 HAOHAN
C151214-900 AZ9525820064 HAOHAN
TATA C111119-900 C111119-900 Prima
C111118-900 C111118-900 Prima
C111117-900 C111117-900 Prima
C111121-900 C111121-900 Prima
C111120-900 C111120-900 Prima


Product Service And Advantages

Our Product Offering
Expert in rotational motion, hydraulic actuation and mobile control & automation systems
OEMs in on- & off-highway markets globally
Products are customer specific, system-critical components on multi-year vehicular platforms
Our focus on broadening the interrelated product offering drives new customers, cross selling, NPDs and acquisitions

Best Quality Value Proposition
High degree of design responsibility, driven by early integration with OE equipment
Highly differentiated solutions, resulting from high touch customer design collaboration

Driven by Innovation

Engineered, application-specific solutions
Commitment to New Product Development and Innovation
Dynamic technology applies
across diverse, demanding industrial markets

Long-term Stability
Strong Financial Profile and Trajectory
Large Addressable Market with Numerous Secular Growth Drivers

Value Creation
Innovate and promote sustainable business practices
Focusing on strategic and operational impacts

Risk Management

Corporate Philanthropy
Community engagement

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